Voltage Regulator Module

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The voltage regulator module (VRM) is used to provide regulated power to the different parts of the robot, including the encoder and the router.

Inputs and Outputs

The VRM has a main input for power and ground and is powered with 12V. On one side of the VRM are outputs for 12V electricity, and the other side has outputs for 5V electricity. The outputs are split between 2A and 500mA. There are also two status lights for both voltages.


Power for the VRM comes from the Power Distribution Panel (PDP). In the PDP, there are 6 separate outputs on one end designated for the VRM, roboRIO, and pneumatics control module. The middle two outputs are used for the VRM. Therefore, power and ground inputs for the VRM must be connected by wires to the two middle outputs on the PDP. Otherwise, parts requiring specific voltages and current (amperes) are connected to the appropriate outputs on the VRM.