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This page contains various resources made by other people that you should read, sorted into categories. A lot of these are the "cream of the crop" Chief Delphi threads, but you should definitely make a Chief account and try to read what's posted there.


General Mechanical Design

  • FUNdaMENTALS of Design is the curriculum for 2.007, MIT's mechanical engineering course that centers around a robotics competition. It's very long, but it's a fun read and just getting through the intro and chapter 1 will teach you a ton.
  • This CD thread has a great discussion on how to model pistons.

FRC-Specific Mechanical Design


Control Theory


  • Stack Overflow is a forum for general programming help and advice.
  • The Java documentation comprises official information from the makers of Java about Java.
  • The Java Tutorials are also from Java, but are less dense.
  • TutorialsPoint (link blocked, easily googleable) is even less dense, but an independent source.

Software Design




For Rookies