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Style guide for establishing grammatical structures, etc.

Title, Headings, Sections


  • The title should be singular.
  • Do not use A, An, or The as the first word of the title.
  • The title should be a noun or a noun phrase.
  • The last character should not be a punctuation mark unless it is part of a name, abbreviation, or a closing parenthesis.

Section Organization

  • Article begins with an introductory lead section, which should not have a heading.
  • If a topic in a section is covered by its own article, link to it.

Section Headings

  • Use section headings hierarchically, with increasing equals signs, starting at two equals signs on either side.
  • Have an empty line before each heading, except for between a main heading and a sub-heading.
  • Headings should not be redundant towards their subject ("Uses" is preferable to "Its uses").
  • Headings should not contain links, images, or questions.
  • Sections and subsections should be unique within a page.
  • Capitalize only the first letter of the first word and any letters that would be capitalized in a sentence.



  • Border of 2px, solid #AAA
  • Background of #D0D0D0
  • Italicize image captions
  • Subheadings with background #A70000, color #FFFFFF
  • Make image smaller than infobox,

Lead section

Put a brief summary before any top-level headings. It should serve as an overview of the page.


For a tool, list and explain the parts. For something like a nut (for example), give the various types and their uses (lock nut, crown nut, etc.)


Describe and explain how to use the subject of the page. For a tool, put the operating steps. For a part/material, explain how we use it on the robot, and how to get it on the robot (mounting instructions, for example).

Design Considerations/Tips (could have both)

Give advice and tips on the subject of the page. Are there any strength considerations that should be taken into account? Any ways that this could go wrong? Contribute your knowledge.

Other stuff

This is meant as a guide. It's not set in stone. If there's something you think isn't covered by an existing section, make a new section. Likewise, if you think a section is unnecessary, don't make that section.


Include images whenever appropriate and possible. However, since this is a public site, we have to obey copyright laws. The best sources for images are either your own work (take pictures and upload them here) or from sites that offer public domain and freely-licensed works, such as Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons. Those files can be added just like images uploaded here (no external link necessary). Don't feel limited to Wikimedia Commons, though. Many other sources such as Flickr offer some images under Creative Commons licensing or from the public domain. When you upload an image, credit the photographer (if their name is available) in the file description, include a link to the original, and show proof that the photo was licensed for use on the page you edited. An example from Flickr is below:

8116644951 9699ae96d9 b.jpg

If you include an image that was not properly licensed, it will be taken down.