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The robot signal light (RSL) is a component of the electronics board that indicates the current state- functionality and competition mode- of the robot. The RSL is connected directly to the roboRIO. Due to the important information it provides with respect to the robot, an FRC team is not allowed to compete without a functioning signal light.


The end of the RSL's two-pin connector must be cut off.

The end of the two-pin connector is then inserted into the port on the roboRIO labeled RSL. It is not connected to the power distribution panel itself.

RSL Light Meanings

Solid ON- Autonomous Mode enabled

Solid ON with Blinks every 1.5 seconds- Teleoperated Mode enabled

Slow Blinks (900 ms ON, 900 ms OFF)- Robot or driver station disabled

Fast-Slow Blinks (200 ms ON, 900 ms OFF)- Low battery or no code and conditions for slow blinking

Fast Blinks (200 ms ON, 200 ms OFF)- System error or no driver station communication

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