Pneumatics Control Module

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The Pneumatics Control Module (PCM) handles the digital signals required to operate the pneumatics systems for the robot. It is controlled using the roboRIO. Pneumatics systems are not necessary for every robot, so this is not a required component for every electronics board. The type we use, from VEX Robotics, can control up to 8 electromechanical solenoids at once.


The CAN (Controller Area Network) cables are used to connect the roboRIO to the PCM. Strip about 5/16" off of both ends of the green and the yellow wire. Insert one end of each into the terminal labaled CAN on the roboRIO that is of the corresponding color and the other into the terminal on the PCM labeled CAN and of the corresponding color.


The PCM is powered through the same means as the voltage regulator module and the roboRIO. If the PCM is being used, those remaining red and black terminals on the power distribution panel can connect to the Vin terminals on the PCM.

However, additional CAN cables must be connected from the PCM to the PDP. This process is identical to that for connecting the PCM to the roboRIO.

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