Power Distribution Panel

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Power Distribution Panel
Tool Information
Uses: Distribute power to robot components
Other Names: Power Distribution Board

The Power Distribution Panel (PDP) distributes the power from a 12V DC battery to other various robot components. Several components of the electronics board including the roboRIO, voltage regulator module, and circuit breaker are connected directly to the PDP.

How to Use

Connecting the Battery

  1. Attach 6AWG terminal lugs to the battery connector and the circuit breaker.
  2. Use a 1/16" Allen wrench to remove the two screws that secure the terminal cover onto the PDP (at the top right in the image).
  3. Use a 5mm (or 3/16") Allen wrench to remove the bolt and lock washer from the PDP and attach the battery connector.
  4. Use a 7/16" box end wrench to remove the bolt from the "Batt" end of the main breaker and secure the positive terminal of the battery connector in the same fashion.