Outreach SOP

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Standard operating procedures for exhibition outreach activities. All nonstandard outreach should have its own proposal. Check here for the updated Outreach SOP : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QnlO8-xc4ercMz-kc6qwWxJsE3naQ3DzzvzSSPlaLD0/edit?usp=sharing

Signing Up For Events

  1. Contact president, director of communications, outreach manager, lead technical mentor, and lead administrative mentor with information about the event.
  2. If the event is approved, leave the outreach manager as a point of contact.


  1. Write a post on Basecamp letting the team know about the event. The post should include a sign up form as well as the event-planning form link set to view.
  2. Send an email regarding the event with a similar message as the basecamp post, including the same criteria
  3. If people are needed at the event, create a Google form to facilitate sign up. The sign up should include the fields, name, contact email, phone number, and other fields that are appropriate to the event.
  4. Place the form in the PR folder (PR >> Outreach >> Event Name), along with accompanying sheets and email transcripts. Sign up should be closed when a head count is submitted, or 2 weeks before the event. If the event is coming quickly, it can be closed as advised by upper leadership.
  5. Use the event-planning form to organize details. The appropriate version of the form can be obtained from the outreach manager. The form should take into consideration what personnel is needed and what the audience of the event might be.
  6. Submit this form to the PR folder and email the president, director of communications, outreach manager, lead technical mentor, and lead administrative mentor one week before the event with the completed form attached.
  7. Make sure all materials (i.e. robot, tools, PR materials) are available one week in advance. If the objects cannot be located before that time, they should not be included in the final version of the event-planning sheet. Each person bringing an item should mark it on the checklist allocated for the event.
  8. Comment the form link on the Basecamp thread, so team members can view the file once the file has been fully filled out. The comment should have an indication that the form was completed.
  9. Three days before the event, send an email to those who have agreed to come to make sure everyone can come. If anyone would still like to come to an event, even after closed sign up, start a waiting list in case someone cancels at the last minute.
  10. A check similar to that at competitions for the robot should be done two days before the event, then again on the day of. If there is a problem during the checks, notify the person in charge of the event, and all people who were mentioned in large groups.

At Events

  1. Arrive 20-30 minutes early. Set up often takes a significant amount of time.
  2. Do not operate the robot until a safety-trained mentor arrives.
  3. Find ways to help out, instead of crowding around the presentation area.