Maker Faire Silver Spring 2016

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Maker Faire Silver Spring 2016
Event Details

Maker Faire Silver Spring is a community event that assembled makers from all over the Maryland region to present in Silver Spring, MD. Team 449 presented alongside two FTC teams, Wizards.exe and RM'ed and Dangerous, as well as other robotics and engineering companies. We brought ROUS to the Maker Faire Silver Spring to demonstrate its capabilities. People of all ages were able to drive the robot, and it was presented as a booth in the pavilion. Members of the team were able to talk to possible sponsors who also had booths in the event.


What Went Well

  • Sponsors were contacted
  • Met local teams
  • Robot was functional
  • No one was seriously hurt

What Didn't go as Well

  • Not all things were accounted for
  • Robot was not functional when it first arrived
  • Had to call multiple people during the setup time for help

What is going to be done

  • Have a set of talking points so people don't just make up stuff
  • Full Assembly of Item Plans (Banner, Shelves)
  • Have a rotation system for jobs specific to the event
  • Teach the people in PR how to deploy code

Things that are not necessarily Outreach but were discussed

  • NASA Grant
  • MCPL Sponsorships


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