Kid Museum 2016

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KID Museum 2016
Kid Museum 2016.JPG
Sam and Josh teach a kid how to drive the robot.
Event Details
Date: July 16, 2016
Location: KID Museum at Davis Library

KID Museum 2016 was a collaborative event with Walt Whitman High School's robotics team, Team 1389, at the KID Museum in North Bethesda, Maryland. We brought ROUS to the KID Museum's Robotics Day to demonstrate to the event's participants. Children were allowed to drive the robot, and our members also helped them out at other stations. Urjita and Laura presented with the students from Whitman.


What Went Well

  • Positive feedback from participants and their parents
  • Robot was functional
  • No one was seriously hurt

What Didn't go as Well

  • Robot was not on time
  • Coordination of item delivery was last-minute and disorganized
  • Robot was not functional when it first arrived
  • There was a stick of glue in the robot
  • We were short on batteries
  • The kids at the event didn't know they could drive the robot
  • Whitman was there and we didn't plan to work with them beforehand

What is going to be done

  • Create short presentations or PowerPoints
  • Have a set of talking points so people don't just make up stuff
  • Aim to perfect the process of planning through forms
  • Have more signs and handouts specifically for outreach

Things that are not necessarily Outreach but were discussed

  • Having a Team Wiki
  • CSDC


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