Electronics Subteam Advacements

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Throughout the years, the electronics subteam has standardized, changed, and improved its practices. The aim of this article is to document this evolution, explaining what was done in the past and what is done now.


Prior to 2016, the primary method of crimping involved using translucent green plastic crimps. These were not ideal due to being liable to slip out and disconnect wires in the middle of a match. To prevent this, the team switched to Anderson Powerpole crimping, which is far more durable and therefore reliable.

Other advantages of Powerpole crimping is that color-coding is easier as there are black and red housings, there are not different male and female variants, and adjacent housings can be neatly slid and locked together.

Motor Controllers

Until recently, the main motor controller used by the team was the Victor SP, which is wired by PWM. However, as of 2017 the Talon SRX, which is wired by CAN, is the primary motor controller we use.

Talon Standardization

We now adhere to these guidelines for wiring Talons:

1. Yellow wire is always on the left side when facing the holes

2. One male and one female for each wire

3. In the female housing (the longer one), the male is on the left/yellow wire