Circuit breaker

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The circuit breaker is a component of the electronics board that connects to the power distribution panel and the battery. It functions both as a power switch and a protective device to halt current flow in the event of a problem. Unlike other similar devices, it can be reset. Resetting is as simple as pushing the red button on top back into place.


The circuit breaker is wired using the same 6AWG terminal lugs that connect the PDP to the battery. For both parts, the PDP terminal cover must have been removed using a 1/16" Allen wrench.

Power Distribution Panel

The circuit breaker is connected to the PDP using the red 6AWG wire. Cut and strip these wires as necessary, and crimp the terminals onto the ends. With a 7/16" box end wrench, secure one end of the wire to the breaker's "AUX" side and the other end to the positive part (denoted by the red +) on the PDP. Insulate this area with electrical tape and cover with the PDP terminal cover. Secure the cover with a 1/16" Allen wrench.


Wiring the circuit breaker to the battery is a similar process, which also uses a red 6AWG wire. The difference is only in where the connections are-secure the wire to the positive end of the battery connector and to the "Batt" side of the breaker.

Board Placement

Because it is designed to shut off the robot in a serious electronic emergency, the circuit breaker is such a vital component for safety that it MUST be wired and placed to be easily accessible on the board from any angle and without removing anything.

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