CSDC 2016

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Cub Scout Day Camp
Csdc presenter.PNG
Patrick presenting to some cub scouts
Event Details
Date: July 28, 2016
Location: 4th Presbyterian School

The 2016 Cub Scout Day Camp Outreach Event (CSDC 2016) was an outreach event at a local Cub Scout summer camp. The event took place at Cub Scout Day Camp located at the 4th Presbyterian School. ROUS was brought for demonstration.The robot was presented on an outdoor parking lot. The scouts came in at batches (dens) of around 12 scouts at a time. Scouts were given an introductory oral presentation by Urjita Das and Patrick O'Hanlon. They were then permitted to drive ROUS. Dens that finished driving early were given an up-close explanation of the components of the robot.


What Went Well

  • We kept the parking lot clear of debris (twigs and pebbles) with a preliminary pass with a blower and periodic sweeping throughout the day.
  • We kept all equipment dry in tarps even though it rained.
  • Ms. Ehrenstein and Kristi Ng successfully retrieved defenses from Blair
  • All the scouts got to drive by the end of the day
  • ROUS ran most of the day
  • We had sufficient personnel
  • All expected personnel attended

What Didn't go as Well

  • We brought an ethernet cable known to be damaged, and it dropped in and out
  • Missing tools (Multimeter)
  • The radio power cable crimp onto the Voltage Regulator Module failed
  • Lack of skilled electronics personnel to quickly fix the problem
  • The radio issue prevented kids from driving the entire first session (the kids came back at lunch)
  • Team members that had not signed up to come showed up, which almost resulted in a food shortage
  • Humidity may have adversely affected electronics
  • We did not entertain the kids after it started raining

What is going to be done

  • Changes to the form
  • Better follow up on the form
  • Team members must sign up for events in advance
  • The event-planning form must have some way to check off whether an item is obtained and who has it
  • Create a troubleshooting Guides to document how problems were solved
  • Create a pre-event robot checklist (tug on wires, run code unit tests, etc.)
  • Pick up necessary equipment earlier
  • Create more complete rain plans for entertaining the audience
  • Having a good speech or hands-on activity for the just in case

Things that are not necessarily Outreach but were discussed

  • Having bake sales at voting sites
  • White Oak Library outreach

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