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The power supply for an FRC robot is a single 12V 18aH battery. The batteries are sealed lead acid batteries, which weigh approximately 12.89 pounds and are capable of recharging when attached to an outlet. Our team currently has 8 functional batteries. Battery naming is an Electronics custom, and batteries are renamed every year.


In order to charge the battery, plug in the battery to the Recreation Series power bank. The power bank can charge 3 batteries at once. The indicator lights will turn green once the battery is fully charged. It is important to remember to plug in the power bank to an outlet or other external power source.

Battery Percentage

The percentage of battery power remaining (state of charge) is measured by the Battery Beak. Plug the suicide cables of the battery into the Battery Beak. Please note that the percentage of battery power remaining may be greater than 100%- up to 130%, in fact. This is fine; overcharging the battery is not bad (it is actually good). When selecting a battery for use in competitions or driver practice, please select the one with the highest percentage. The battery beak does allow for modification of its initial settings, but this will likely have been done already. If not, make the modifications in the battery type menu (default settings are 17aH for CTR battery beaks, change it to 18).


When a battery is not on the robot, it is located on the shelves in the office. When the battery is on the robot, it is placed between two L-shaped metal brackets and secured at the front using surgical tubing. The battery is connected to the panel using suicide cables and 6AWG terminal lugs, as well as the appropriate housing. It is connected to the circuit breaker in a similar manner.

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