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A full-sized bandsaw
Tool Information
Uses: Cutting wood, sheet metal, polycarb

The bandsaw is one of the largest and most commonly used machine tools. The bandsaw can cut a variety of material, but is mainly used to cut aluminum sheet metal, polycarb, and wood. Some, however, are material-specific, though this is indicated on the bandsaw when it is the case.



Straight cut

  1. Using a tri-square and ruler/meterstick, mark the piece you wish to cut.
  2. Turn on the bandsaw.
  3. Place the piece you wish to cut on the table.
  4. Push the piece firmly but slowly into the blade, keeping your fingers.
  5. Remember to cut about a 1/16” from the line that you marked so that the piece can be sanded.

Safety and other tips

  • Tie back long hair and roll up sleeves.
  • Always keep your fingers at least 3” from the blade.
  • Never open the band saw. If a problem occurs call an adult mentor.
  • If the blade snaps, turn the machine off.
  • If the piece is too long to hold on your own, ask someone to hold the end of piece as you cut. You may need to cut the piece down in order to make it fit in the band saw if given limited space.